Colonoscopy is a procedure done to look for cancer, polyps or other abnormalities inside your bowel. It is done in a hopsital while you are asleep (sedated) using a long flexible instrument called a colonoscope. It has a light source and camera at the end and allows your doctor to view the images in real time on a screen. Your doctor will pass carbon dioxide into the colon to inflate it to allow visual inspection.











As the colon contains fecal matter, it does require some preparation to allow cleaning and adequate examination. This is called "bowel preparation". Ask your doctor for the exact details and instructions as the "preparation" needs to be suited to your specific circumstances.

It is important to follow the instrcutions that you are given so that the cleanout is adequate and you do not have to repeat the test. If you have any concers, about the "bowel preparation" process, please talk to your doctor about your concerns.